24 Port SPE Vacuum Manifolds

24 Port SPE Vacuum Manifolds

The 24 port SPE vacuum manifolds ideally used with SPE cartridges when solid phase extraction process.for extracting of semi-volatile or non-volatile chemical compound, removal of impurities which interfering compartment analysis from the liquid samples etc.

Advantages of Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd
Glass block design allows easier visible inspection of the extraction process and simplifies cleaning;
It makes sample high recovery and effects high efficiency, save experimental time;
Speeds up sample processing as well;
Multiple choices for SPE cartridge to users;
Vacuu8m pump and filtration apparatus supplied in case of customer request.
Real Goods Picture for 24 ports with vacuum pump and SPE Cartridges

Real Goods Picture for 24 ports with vacuum pump and SPE Cartridge


Order Information
No. Code Description Package
1 SLVM-SPE12 SPE Vacuum Manifolds, 12 port 1 set/box
2 SLVM-SPE24 SPE Vacuum Manifolds, 24 port 1 set/box

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