2mL Sample Vial Washing Method

2mL Sample Vial Washing Method

This article will introduce the 2mL sample vial washing method.

Washing sequence: industrial ethanol twice, ethanol water alkali solution (ethanol (V): water (V): sodium hydroxide (m) 1:2:0.06), tap water 4-5 times, pure water 2-3 times.

Two scrubbers (one scrubber can wash 100 batches at a time, that is, two scrubbers can wash 200 batches at a time) are put into a large container containing ethanol (referred to as the big box). The mouth of the sampling bottle is upward, the ethanol automatically enters the sampling bottle, the ultrasonic wave lasts 15 minutes, the washing box is taken out, the bottle mouth is downward, and the ethanol flows in and out.

The description of the washing process of ethanol water alkali solution (ethanol (V): water (V): sodium hydroxide (m) 1:2:0.06) is the same as that of 2). The ratio of ethanol (V): water (V): sodium hydroxide (m) can be adjusted appropriately, but the washing liquid must be able to enter the sampling bottle automatically, so the proportion of water should not be too large. Ultrasound 15min is sufficient, and ultrasound cannot be prolonged for a long time (< 20min). Because this step is different from the principle of ethanol washing.

Drying the vials at 105 degrees Celsius oven

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