A new promotion from Starlab scientific Co., Ltd

A new promotion from Starlab scientific Co., Ltd

We know all the companies are preparing for the Dec. We work for this also. So whenever you need any of product, this is the best time to buy it. We will also send some free samples to you. You may don’t lose this chance. Because this is the special policy for Nov. If you lose this chance, you may need to wait the next year. Below is the shopping guide for you.

What is the most popular product in the lab?

It may be the filter paper and membrane filter. Some of user will mix up this two types of products. Firstly, you may know the filter paper and membrane all can be used for filtration. But you may know for the filter paper, we can divide it into two types. We have qualitative and quantity filter paper. Qualitative filter paper for qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separation; quantitative filter paper for quantitative chemical analysis in gravimetric analysis test and corresponding analytical test. The difference between quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper is mainly the amount of ash generated after ashing. The qualitative filter paper does not exceed 0.13%, and the quantitative filter paper does not exceed 0.0009%. Note that both the quantitative filter paper and the qualitative filter paper are both cellulose filter papers, and are not suitable for other types of filter paper such as glass microfiber filter paper.

For the membrane filter, you may know there are so many different materials. It’s for different use in the lab. We may sure to the materials and pore size and diameter. But we know many of our clients look for their clients. They even don’t know what is it. In this situation, you may offer the most specific information for our sales to recommend the most suitable one for you. All we want to do is to provide the most suitable product and service to you. So the more information you offer to us, the more right goods you will get. But in some situation, we don’t have more information about it. Then you can tell us the company of your customer and country. We can be based on our experience to give you the best suggestion.

All in all, we work for you, if you want to know more information or any help, please search our website. (www.starlabscientific.com)
In addition, you also can send emails to our sales. The email address is info@starlabscientific.com. We will answer your question in 24 hours. Any question, please contact us freely.

Now, find the goods you need. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd., your best friends.

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