About the Bottle Dispenser

About the Bottle Dispenser

The bottle-mouth splitter is one of the most common instruments in the experiment. It is suitable for the acid-base and low concentration of strong acid and alkali and salt.
It can carry out accurate and high repeatable liquid, not waste reagents, and provide safety guarantee for operators and experimental environment.

Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers

The type of the cylinder splitter

There are three types of bottle splitter, which are basic, model and hydrofluoric acid, which have been covered in all the solvents in the laboratory.

Based model is suitable for a wide range of reagents, including general of acid and alkali salt solution, non-oxidizing acid with low concentration of alkali and organic solvent polarity (excluding non-polar organic solvents and halogenated hydrocarbon, etc.), such as H3PO4, HCl, – H2SO4, NaOH, NaCl, etc.
Maximum withstand voltage 500 mbar, solution viscosity resistance was 500 / s, 40 ℃ maximum solution heat resistance, resistance to liquid density of 2.2 g/cm3; largest

The machine is applicable to a wide range of organic solvents and higher concentration of strong acid solutions, such as;
Chlorofluorinated organic solvents, trifluoroacetic acid, tetrahydrofuran, peroxide, chloroform, HNO3, etc.
Maximum pressure of 500mbar, maximum solution viscosity 500mm2/ s, maximum liquid density of 2.2g/cm3;

Hydrofluoric acid, only applicable to HF solution.
Because of HF etch glass, distributor for ceramic piston, and instead of the adapter reagent bottle should be plastic maximum withstand voltage 500 mbar, 500 was the biggest solution viscosity resistance/s, maximum resistance to liquid density of 3.8 g/cm3.

The use of the cylinder splitter

Liquid bottle points through screw valve are fixed on the reagent bottle, closed tightly solid, the solution of shift process in a closed system, avoid the evaporation of solution, splash, overturned, etc., to reduce the harm to environment and people, compared with the measuring cylinder type completely open pipetting process safer.
High viscosity, high density and high volatile solvents are not uncommon in organic or petrochemical laboratories, especially in the petrochemical industry.
Because of its special properties, this kind of solution is difficult to move quickly, and it is difficult to quantify accurately with traditional measuring cylinder.
The cylinder splitter is fully qualified for the removal of this solution.

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