ACF Filter Cartridge Feature and Application

ACF Filter Cartridge Feature and Application

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd ACF(active carbon fiber) series pleated filter cartridge is a new kind of deep filter core, which is composed of high quality activated carbon as raw material with low heat melt adhesive and continuous extrusion molding. The carbon core has a fine granular activated carbon adsorption performance, and effectively overcomes all exist in the process of activated carbon filter using carbon powder leakage defect of the tubular components of precision filtration characteristics, can effectively remove the organic compounds in the liquid, particle, rust, residual chlorine, odor, etc.

Micro ACF (Active Carbon Fiber) Pleated Filter Cartridge

1. Integrate adsorption, filtration, loading and catalyst;
2. Corrosion of chemical reagents such as acid and alkali and organic solvents;
3. High filtering precision, large flow, small pressure difference, high-pressure resistance, the large amount of pollution, no toxic and tasteless, no secondary pollution;
4. It is convenient to remove and install, which is an ideal replacement for bulk activated carbon.

This product can be widely used in pure water, electroplating liquid, printed circuit board, solvent, coating, detergent, medicine water, beverage, liquor and other industries liquid filtration.

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