Application of Glass Solvent Filter Set

Application of Glass Solvent Filter Set

Glass Solvent Filter is made of borosilicate-glass material. It is applicable to the liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph, chemical analysis, sanitary inspection, environmental monitoring, biological products, and scientific research, etc., to filter out the particles and bacteria. For example, water injection of the oil field, the analysis of suspended solids concentration, membrane filtration coefficient, particle diameter and aseptic test, the culture of bacteria removal. The antibacterial filtration of heat-sensitive drug achieves the sterile purpose, and the analysis and determination of aviation kerosene, hydraulic oil, and high purity reagent and water quality. It is suitable for the filtration of the small sample in the laboratory.

Glass solvent filter set: Including, a set of sand core filter (dust cover, glass funnel, glass collection bottle, standard sand core filter, anodized aluminum spring clamp and microporous membrane filter.) and oil-free vacuum pump (oil-free vacuum pump widely used in filtration, sample concentration, solid phase extraction and other devices, it is an important laboratory equipment.)

500ml Glass Solvent Filters500ml Glass Solvent Filters Glass Solvent Filter

Working principle: Filtration is the process by which liquid can pass through a medium to separate the solid particles from the liquid. Negative pressure is generated by the vacuum pump in the glass collection bottle, under the action of suction, make the liquid in glass funnel through the microporous membrane filter and sand core filter, to achieve the role of filtering.It has the advantages of high filtration precision, fast filtration speed, little adsorption, no dielectric loss, no leakage, acid and alkali corrosion, easy operation and so on.

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