Chromatographic Consumables From Hawach Scientific

Chromatographic Consumables From Hawach Scientific

Chromatographic analysis was firstly proposed by M. C. Tswett, which is a physical or physicochemical separation method that separates the components of the mixture, then analyzes them one by one. During chromatographic analysis, the quality of chromatographic consumables has a critical impact on the results of the analysis.

Hawach’s chromatographic products mainly have Flash columns, HPLC column and Sample Preparation Consumables such like SPE Cartridge and QuEChERS. All of our products with highly advanced quality and competitive price. Hawach Scientific aims to offer the customers best solution to support the test requirements.

Especially, the connector of Hawach’s Flash column is the standard Luer-Lock, which can be perfectly matched with most flash chromatographic instruments in the market. The columns are made from medical grade virgin PP cartridge and ultrapure sintered PE frits, which natural advantage makes it stable chemical resistance. And the effective column peak shape can be obtained In the test analysis, which provides more accurate test results for clients’ reference.

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