Cleaning and Sterilization of Pleated Filter Cartridge

Cleaning and Sterilization of Pleated Filter Cartridge

Two steps to tell you how to clean and sterilization of pleated filter cartridge

1. In the production line generally choose backwash: first turn off the liquid and the filter tube switch, rinse with no bacteria water, input from the original exit, discharge from the inlet or the lower part of the filter, the backwash pressure but not too large, Usually about 5 kg.

2. Remove the filter element and put it in the cleaning solution. Soak it first and wash it repeatedly. Cleaning fluid is generally available:

A: Sodium hydroxide, 0.1N NaOH
B: 1-2% citric acid aqueous solution or 0.1N oxalic acid solvent, 0.1N hydrochloric acid solvent
C: Other solvents such as enzyme solvents are generally best controlled at 30-40 degrees when cleaning

Note: If the content of the filtered liquid protein is relatively high, such as draft beer, nutrient solution, etc., high-temperature sterilization must be done after the filter element is cleaned to prevent the protein from high-temperature coagulation and plugging the film hole.

10 inch Micro Glass Fiber Fleated Filter Cartridges

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