Core-Shell HPLC Column from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd

Core-Shell HPLC Column from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd special produced core-shell C18 column with the particle size of 2.7um and the porous layer is 0.5um thickness, the solid core is 1.7um. The core shell column can provide 200,000p/m and with excellent resolution under low column back pressure. Both HPLC and UHPLC system can use the core-shell column.

Core-Shell HPLC Column

Column with super fast separation and low back pressure with narrow particle distribution
The standard 2 µm inlet frit prevents column plugging by dirty samples, the core shell column is especially suitable for complex sample analysis
Column with shorten analysis time
The max operating pressure can be 600 bar

Excellent for analysis such as detection of ginsenosides

The prepacked and empty column both available for global users choice, when you need empty column or you have empty column, the C18 core-shell column can be available by sorbent format for more cost saving operations.

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