Customized Flash Column by Global Clients’ Requirement

Customized Flash Column by Global Clients’ Requirement

As a supplier who does chromatography consumables to global market, we do supply for standard Luer connection of the flash column. Both prepacked and empty column made from medical grade virgin PP material.

The column can be compatible with most of the flash system such as Biotage®, Armen®, Isco®. The empty cartridge can be available from column size of 4g to 330g, we also do customized color for customer requirement, such as blue and purple or others. The screw caps with o-rings and fruits work well and no leakage risk and easy to assemble. We can do stock under your requirement and after our mutual agreement.

Moreover, for customers do purification by their bonded phase, empty column is optical choice. For customers need prepacked cartridge, we do offer you with average Pore Size, particle size and high carbon content.

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