Difference between String Wound & Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

Difference between String Wound Filter Cartridge & Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

In the filter cartridge product, we often hear the string wound filter cartridge and the membrane pleated filter cartridge. What is the difference between the two kinds of filter cartridge in the industry area?

String Wound Filter Cartridges

String wound filter cartridge is used for the quality of low viscosity, low noise filter, is made of textile fiber line (polypropylene line, degreased cotton thread, etc.), according to the specific process of precision winding in the porous skeleton (polypropylene and stainless steel) made above, with thin dense honeycomb structure, can effectively remove the suspended solids in the fluid, particles, rust and other sundry, has the excellent filtering characteristics. More suitable for pure water treatment, pre-filtration industry.

Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridges

Membrane pleated filter cartridge is made of polypropylene fiber membrane and non-woven fabrics or fold (mesh), both inside and outside support layer, filter shell, center and end cover is made of hot melt welding technology processing forming, does not contain any cement, no leakage, no secondary pollution. More suitable for pure water treatment, pre-filtration industry. More suitable for fine chemicals, plating solutions and ink.

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