The Application and Characteristics of E-PTFE Membrane

The Application and Characteristics of E-PTFE Membrane

E-PTFE is also called breathable membrane that mainly used in micro filtration membrane; Pore size is between 0.1-10μm. For the breathable film, there are two very important data: water pressure and air permeability. Normally, both of which are competitive, high air permeability means low inlet pressure. PTFE has natural hydrophobic, oleophobic feature, in most cases, the oleophobic membrane is widely used.

Many devices and applications require a relatively confined environment, and cannot be affected by external dust, water, bacteria. If the design is absolutely closed, in the ambient temperature, latitude changes under the objective conditions, will lead to pressure changes, usually, this pressure change will produce agglomeration effect on the shell and the internal sensitive parts of the destruction. The use of E-PTFE breathable membrane can continue to balance the pressure difference, reduce component design costs, to ensure product reliability and security.

At present, the E-PTFE breathable film is mainly used in several areas, car breathable, medical breathable, electronic sensor breathable and packaging breathable which includes home packaging, agricultural packaging, and industrial packaging.

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