Empty SPE Cartridge With Super Clean Frits

Empty SPE Cartridge With Super Clean Frits

The empty SPE cartridge was used for increase the sample capacity of the extraction cartridge, whats more, it can be used for packing bulk sorbents if customized size or user’s self design needed. The Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge available of prepacked SPE cartridge and empty cartridge from us, in order to make sure more global users’ demand satisfied, we are doing continuing R & D for production and keep all sales service excellent as previous done.

The SPE empty cartridge made from medical grade virgin PP material to make sure no HPLC extractables. PE frits with average pore size and thickness to make sure excellent flow rate and column efficiency. We offer series of empty cartridge available in size of 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 12ml, 20ml, 60ml, 300ml etc. The frits can be sold separately or together with the cartridge. In order to make sure better packing, we also supply packing tools for easier handling.

All quality stability guaranteed from batch to batch and test report and COA available for our cartridge.
Please contact us for sample evaluation or customized design freely.

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