Extraction Thimbles

Extraction Thimbles

Extraction thimbles can be divided into three types according to different materials: cellulose extraction thimbles, glass fiber extraction thimbles, quartz extraction thimbles

The material and function of the extraction thimbles is similar to filter paper: it is used to place the substance to be extracted in a glass container below, and then the solution is repeatedly immersed in the components required for extraction from the substance (for example, extraction of pesticide residues from pepper seeds), the experiment is called Soxhlet extraction. Extraction thimble also has an important role to collect atmospheric smog and other particles, it is used with the haze collection device.

Extraction thimbles technical parameters:
A. Composition: high grade alpha cellulose / seamless noble cellulose and linters of cotton; without any binding elements, high clean 60% poplar fiber + 40% refined cotton fiber, heating temperature: 75 degrees Celsius, the formation of temperature 10 Celsius, forming time: one hour. Background value is low
B. DOP (retention% @ 0.3 μm): 99.8%; good retention ability
C. maximum temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
D. Consistent high porosity ensures fast flow through
E. High fitting accuracy for all available extraction systems
F. ID * H (Inner Diameter * Length)
G. Wide selection of size, consistent wall thickness (single wall), and smooth interior surface
H. Superior mechanical strength

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