Filter Paper in the Lab

Filter Paper in the Lab

Filter Paper is a common chemical laboratory filter tool, the common shape is round, mostly made of cotton fiber. Because of its material is fiber, so its surface has numerous holes for liquid particles through, and the larger solid particles can not pass through. This property allows the mixing of liquid and solid substances easily to get separated.

Two kinds of Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd filter paper
Filter paper can be divided into qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper. In the application of analytical chemistry, when the inorganic compound is filtered to separate the precipitate, the residue collected on the filter paper can be used to calculate the wastage rate during the experiment. The main difference between quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper is the impurity content.
Qualitative filter paper, after filtering, would generate more cotton fiber, So it is only suitable for qualitative analysis; quantitative filter paper, especially gray-free filter paper, through a special treatment procedure, can be more effective resistance to chemical reactions, Fewer impurities, can be used for quantitative analysis.

The Technical Parameters of filter paper
A.Pore size: Filter paper is different from the membrane filter, there is no precise pore size. Only approximate values.
B.Flow rate: The flow rate is mainly affected by the pore size, the larger the pore size, the faster the flow rate. The flow rate we currently have are fast speed, medium speed, and slow speed.
C.Ash content: It means the remaining ash content that after the filter media had been burned at 900 degrees in the air. The ash is critical to gravimetric methods. The smaller the ash content of the filter media, the lower the impurity, and also helps determine the cleanliness of conventional samples. The ash of qualitative filter paper is less than 0.1%, and the ash of quantitative filter paper is less than 0.007%.
D.The Weight of per gram: The weight of the product per square meter. The qualitative filter paper is about 82g. The quantitative filter paper is about 101g.
E.The power of resistant to break: It means the ability that the filter paper can withstand the maximum vertical pressure in the unit area.
F.Size: Circle filter paper: 70,90,110,125,150,180. Square filter paper: 60*60,41*45 etc.

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