How do You Know About WINSTAR and FILTSTAR Series Syringe Filter

How do You Know About WINSTAR and FILTSTAR Series Syringe Filter?

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd 100,000 grade classroom made syringe filter with 2 series mainly to our global users which ranges laboratory sample preparation and HPLC sample preparation.

We do global supply mainly by three ways, that is distributor supply to local and we offer to big end users directly as well. The third way is OEM orders (over ten years syringe filter OEM experience for reputable world brands) which help us lowered the production cost.

The WINSTAR series and FILTSTAR series lab disposable syringe filter both made from Germany made membrane filter and medical grade PP housing. The certificate of analysis of filter after test shown they have same filtration efficiency in HPLC Sample preparation.Both with high chemical resistance and extremely low HPLC extractables to protect HPLC column from being Clogged.

Standard Disposable Syringe Filters

The difference:
WINSTAR syringe filter with limited filter media choice when compared with FILTSTAR series, there only hot used lab syringe filter in supply. The series with color coded ring to help customer easy recognize and we do OEM orders for world brand over 10 years.

The FILTSTAR series with clear color and with filter description on filter body, extremely low extractables for customer use. The prefilter and sterile filter both available in this series and size in supply from 4mm diameter to 50mm diameter.

Both our two series meet different customer require, so if any demand of this, please contact our sales team and we will do you better solutions.

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