How to Choose the Right Filter Housing

How to Choose the Right Filter Housing

Due to the wide range of filter housing and element combinations, you can have the most suitable equipment for your demond. But it’s also not easy to select the right filter housing and elements. the following information about the application can do some help.

You may concern about the maximum pressure and the maximum temperature of the filter housing, the type of duty and the chemical&physical composition of the sample you take is also important. It determines not only the materials and the construction of the filter housing, but the element and gaskets.Filter housings are available in a wide variety of materials to ensure there is a product for the most specialised needs.

The maximum flow rate, the line size and the port type of the filter housings are different, you must learn the level of filtration required before you select the most appropriate size of filter. The other factors, like the lowest cost, fast response time, smallest space requirement, also influence your decision making, The exact choice will depend on the relative importance of these factors in each particular performance.

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