How to Choose The Right LC Column

How to Choose The Right LC Column

In the process of using the liquid chromatography column, if we accidentally carelessly it may cause column contamination and blockage, and the use of guard column can well reduce the occurrence of such phenomena. However, if the use of a guard column is not suitable, it may affect the use characteristics of the column and the results of the chromatographic analysis. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp some methods for selecting the guard column.

First, protect the length. The advantage of relatively long protection is that it can be more effective in preventing contaminants from entering the column because it requires relatively more chromatographic packing. However, its disadvantages increase the sample retention time. Therefore, this requires us to select the shorter column as far as possible under the conditions of chromatographic separation.

Second, protect the inside diameter. We must choose the same or equivalent protection of the LC column used, otherwise it may affect the results of the target material analysis.

Third, protect the filler filling test. Choosing the right protective packing method can improve the column efficiency of the LC column. At present, the commonly used protective and filling fillers are film filling methods, which are characterized by simple operation and dry loading, so they can be completed directly in the laboratory, but the cost is high. In addition, we prefer to choose the same protection as the column used for the packing.

Fourth, protect the structural design. At present, the structural design of protection can be divided into three types: monolithic, tight and direct. The monolithic structure is directly supported by the manufacturer and installed on the liquid chromatography column, which is convenient and practical but cannot be changed. The direct connection structure can connect and practically protect and protect the column with different brands. The hand-tight type is similar to the direct-attached type. The only difference is that it can be tightened by hand only when connecting.

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