How to Keep The Long Lifetime of High Performance Liquid Column

How to Keep The Long Lifetime of High Performance Liquid Column. (HPLC )

SiO2 HPLC Columns Advanced-XChroma-HPLC-Columns-Series-500x500 High Purity SiO2 HPLC Columns

1. Reading the instruction manual before use it!

2. Try to use a well-packed column

3. Minimize pressure fluctuations to avoid mechanical and thermal shocks

4. Use protection column and inline filter

5. To flush column often by using the strong solvent

6. Fully filter the sample and mobile phase to avoid impurity particles and strength retention

7. With a stable stationary phase (C18 column is the most stable)

8. Medium pH paper operation (6~8)will be perfect, using organic aging solution

9. The perfect using temperature is less than 400C

10. Silica-based columns should maintain a mobile phase with a pH range of 3.0 to 8.0

11. 200 PPM sodium azide added to the mobile phase and buffer dope

12. The mobile phase contains a buffer solution. It should be noted that 95:5 water and organic solvents should be used for transition. Organic solvents should not be lower than 5%.

13. When overnight or during storage, rinse off salts and buffers, and use a mobile phase of pure organic solvents (best of the best)

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