HPLC Column Packing Technologies

HPLC Column Packing Technologies

How do you know the column technologies? Such as sealing, packing technique etc., where do these technologies are reflected in the columns application?

HPLC Column technology includes HPLC column packing technology and column packaging (loading )technology. HPLC Filling technology(Packing), it goes without saying that the quality of the packing column separation performance and selectivity have a decisive impact. Loading column technology is not as simple as imagined, the packing technical process is different when in different stationary phase, different particle size, different column diameter, and length etc. The experience and automatic packing are important for a column quality, such as to install a close, stable, uniform bed, they all require high and strictly control.

At the global market, the difference between the columns is that some companies have not developed their own packing technical depart before, packing quality control is not in their own hands. In addition because of loading history is short, some company less experience accumulation, packing technology also did not fully meet the global market standards.

Regarding Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd automatic packing columns, the performance is the key base material- bare silica gel, in terms of purity, particle size and pore size uniformity compared with reputable products, all that were equivalent especially in C18-Universal HPLC Column.

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