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HPLC Vials

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd HPLC vials are precisely designed, it was produced with high strict technical specifications, we also perform testing the precise dimensions such as polishing, out diameter and length to make sure that every vial is matched the autosampler jaw and sample machine system, our HPLC vials also made of high quality borosilicate glass and have the standard of ASTM TYPE class A and USP TYPE 1, The HPLC caps and septa are designed and manufactured to make sure it has a good seal which is compatible with different brand machine system and instrument , the entire production line has a quality control line, we also test the silicone rubber septa to make sure the specifications are 2-40ml chromatographic injection bottles, headspace sample bottle and storage bottle.
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd HPLC vials characteristic
1: Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd HPLC glass vials are made by high quality borosilicate glass tube with low free ion content, low expansion coefficient and every high chemical resistance
2: Unique thread design for consistent seals, Strict quality assurance provides dimensional consistency between batches and batches
3: Vial and lid products have passed LCMS cleanliness test
4: A variety of matching micro-introtubes for selection Suitable for automatic injectors from different famous sample machine company
1. Suitable for most autosamplers
2. The brown sampler is suitable for the preservation of compound samples in the chemical, pharmaceutical and scientific research laboratories.
Vial type:
A: Liquid chromatography sample vial
B: Headspace sample bottle
C: Storage sample bottle
D: Silanized sample vial
E: High recovery vial
F: Inner cannula, Shell vial
Bottle type:
11mm jaw, 11mm buckle, thread: 8MM, 9mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 24mm
18mm Headspace, 20mm jaw
Bottle Size
8x40mm, 12x32mm, 15x45mm, 17x60mm, 19x65mm, 21x70mm, 22x38mm, 22.5x75mm, 22.5x45mm, 27x140mm, 27x95mm, 27x57mm

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