Introduction About Extraction Thimble

Introduction About Extraction Thimble

Extraction thimble also called filter cartridge, here is a brief introduction about the extraction thimble:

1.The definition of Extraction thimbles:

A filter cartridge is a cylindrical member used for filtration and is generally classified into a filter cartridge for filtering a gaseous medium and filtering a liquid medium. The filter cartridge for filtering liquid medium is generally installed in the pipeline filter, and the shape is usually tapered, so it is also called cone filter.


According to the material filter cartridge can be divided into three categories: cellulose filter cartridge, glass fiber filter cartridge, quartz filter cartridge.


The filter cartridge is a commonly used dust-collecting device. It has the characteristics of high catching rate, low resistance and easy sampling in the flue. It is widely used in the sampling of pollutants such as particulate matter, catering industry soot, asphalt fume, chromic acid mist and sulfuric acid mist. According to the material, it can be divided into two types: glass fiber filter cartridge and corundum filter cartridge. The most widely used fiberglass filter cartridge. The glass fiber filter cartridge is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, and the collection rate of dust particles above 0.5 μm can reach 99.9% or more

The filter cartridge mainly places the substance used for extraction in a glass container, and then the solution is repeatedly soaked to extract the desired components from the material. The experimental procedure is called Soxhlet extraction.

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