Introduction About FILTSTAR Syringe Filters

Introduction about FILTSTAR syringe filter

Fillstar is a product that has been perfected and produced since the establishment of the company, as the core filter product of the company. Its quality can be compared with international brands, and the variety is complete.
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Fillstar can be categorized according to the following criteria.

1. Classification by membrane material
The material of Filstar membrane : Active Carbon/Nylon/PTFE/PTFE /PTFE/ PVDF/MCE/CA/GF/PP.

2. Whether the sterilization
Non-sterilized products are not processed and retained in the original form after delivery, mainly for customers who are not too high in the filtration environment. Sterilization refers to the treatment of the products. We use gamma rays, which are suitable for sterile environment with extremely high environmental requirements and more biological experiments.

3. Whether there is pre-filtration.
The prefiltration is mainly to intercept the large particles, protect the efficiency of the mask, prevent the membrane from being blocked, and increase the product use effect.

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