Introduction of Filter Capsule

Filter Capsule

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Filter Capsule adopts the foldable imported filter membrane to filter the surface area, which is suitable for the filtration of larger volume solution. This filter is made of polypropylene, without adhesives and other chemicals, to ensure that samples are not contaminated. The filter has different pore sizes and can be used for high pressure sterilization.

Here are some of the commonly used filter media:
1. Hydrophobic PTFE: suitable for the filtration of solvent and corrosive solution, air and gas.
2. PP suitable for anti-osmosis and ultrafiltration prefilter, ink filtration, etc. Suitable for filtering aqueous solution and solvent sample.
3. Nylon: its characteristics are fast velocity, and the extraction level is low. The prefiltration medium containing fiberglass can be used to extend the life of nylon film, which is suitable for the filtration treatment of large volume samples and difficult filter samples.

Filter Capsule is suitable for filtration of solvent and corrosive solution, air and gas vent. Optical storage industry is widely used in the production of DVD – R dye filtration, filtration of photoresist in LCD production and chemical industry, biological medicine, food, laboratory, such as solvent, solution, large volume of aqueous fluids and tissue cultures and filtering.

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