Introduction of Multiple Branch Vacuum Filtration Manifolds

Introduction of Multiple Branch Vacuum Filtration Manifolds

The multiple branch vacuum filtration manifolds are widely used in research institutes, inspection and quarantine agencies, quality control agencies, drinking water industry, pharmaceutical, beverage and other sectors of the membrane filtration microbiological testing. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd stainless steel filtration system features on safe, reliable and high efficiency.

The working principle:

The sterile microporous membrane is placed on the support system of the filtration holder, and the microorganisms contained in the sample solutions are trapped on the membrane by vacuum filtration, and then the membrane is affixed to the corresponding culture medium for cultivation.


1. The Ergonomics design facilitates single-handed operation and easy access to membrane. The operation is simple and efficiency.

2. Modular design, the connection parts of the filtration system are equipped with independent switches, which make it possible for single sample filtration independently or multiple samples filtration at the same time. This saves a lot of time when testing a large number of samples. The non-polluting oil-free piston vacuum pumps and highly sterilizable storage flask adopted in the filtration process.

3. The high-quality 316L sintered stainless steel membrane support ensures that the filter membrane does not rupture or perforate in the filtration process, ensure the accuracy of the sample detection, and make the trapped microorganisms distributing evenly in the filter membrane surface, easy to observe the experimental results.

4. Increase the detection efficiency. The stainless steel filtration can be sterilized by 121°C for 20-30 minutes, or by other more efficient sterilization methods.

5. Durable material. Filters, filter connections, valves, holders, covers, support and other main parts are all made of 316 stainless steel and are durable.

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