Ion Exchange SPE Cartridges

Ion Exchange SPE Cartridge

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Ion-exchange solid phase extraction(SPE Cartridge) is suitable for compounds with a charge in solution (usually aqueous solution and sometimes organic solution). Anion (negative charge) compounds can be separated from SAX or NH2 columns; Cationic (positively charged) compounds can be separated by SCX or WCX.

SPE Cartridges C8

The basic principle is the electrostatic attraction of SPE Cartridge, which is the electrostatic attraction between the charged group on the compound and the charged group of the silicon bonded phase. The PH value of the sample system must ensure that the functional group of the functional group and the silicon bonded phase are charged with charge. If some impurity has the same charge as the analyte, it will interfere with the analyte’s adsorption, which is rarely the case. A certain PH value of elution solution to neutralize the charged analytes functional groups, or neutralize charged functional groups bonded phase silica gel, as one of the functional groups on the charge neutralization, the electrostatic attraction has been destroyed, analyte elution.

In addition, SPE cartridge, the eluting solution contains high ionic strength or an ion that can replace the adsorbed compound and also can elude the analyte.

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