Low-Ash Content Filter Paper Application

Low-Ash Content Filter Paper Application

The cellulose filter paper hot used for chemical analysis laboratory and sugar industry application. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd special offering our global clients qualitative and quantitative filter paper for customer choice.

1.For chemical lab use
Size: from 55mm to 400mm customized.
the most hot used is 110,125mm,150,180mm.
Qualitative filter paper used for general analysis when do not require Gravimetric analysis.
Quantitative filter paper also called ashless filter paper, Gravimetric analysis filter paper. Like Grade40, Grade41, Grade42, Grade43, Grade44 etc. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd special offer ash content less than 0.007% and certificated filter papers by CE.

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2. For sugar industry
Filter papers special used to assay sugar beet or cane sugar. The sugar beets are mashed and further analyzed according to the aluminum sulfate method. Potassium, nitrogen, sodium and sucrose content are measured using a spectrophotometer. These kind of papers are always wet-strengthened like grade 91 and grade 113 and either smooth surface or crepe.
In the analysis of cane or sugar beet, the fruit is mashed and filtered to facilitate further analysis of the raw juice. Potassium-, nitrogen-, sodium-, and saccharine contents can then be determined by spectrophotometry.
Size: disc from 55mm to 400mm available.
Mostly Hot used size: 60*60cm.
Wet-strengthened filter paper of disc size and standard filter paper of sheet size available from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd.

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Filtration make your juice and beverage more fine and tasty!

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