Membrane Products Superiorities

Membrane Products Superiorities

Through summarizing and analyzing sample test data multiple times, Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd optimized the product performance significantly and this would enable us to offer our customers better help when assisting them to choose and purchase. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s products possess the following three superiorities in the same field.
1. Lower extractability
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s filters are imported from Germany/America/Japan and they have guaranteed performance;
The specialized medical material quality enabled the housing of our filters have high compatibility with the majority of laboratory solvent;
High-clean anti-static workshop (10W);
Advanced ultrasonic welding technology hereby avoiding the introduction of impurities into the system

2. Stable product quality
The reason why Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s products (not just limited to the filter, filter paper, filter membrane, filter cartridge included) possess high product stability is because we are scrupulous about every detail, we emphasize quality control and we also monitor production process so as to guarantee each piece of product is in its best presentation.

3. Multiple product line
To guarantee Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s customers to choose the most suitable products, we provide filters with multiple diameters which range from 4mm to 50mm (4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm and 50mm);
To meet each specific requirement, the size of our bore diameters range from 0.1um to 10um;
To provide convenience for Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s sterility test customers, we provide sterilized product as well as non- sterilized products;
For the purpose of testing the sample medium and to provide convenience of our customers, we have filters with pre-filtration function as well as types without this function;
Internationally standardized inlet and outlet fittings are compatible with the majority of syringes.

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