New Product In Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd – Cartridge

New Product In Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd — Cartridge

The filter cartridge is a kind of purification equipment to purify the original ecology of resources and recycling of resources. The filter cartridge has low pressure, dirt holding capacity, long life and other characteristics, very suitable for vacuum coating, machinery, CD-ROM, metallurgy, petroleum, refrigeration equipment and other fields.

Filter cartridge can remove a few solid particles from liquid or air, to protect the normal operation of the device or clean the air, when the fluid flow into the filter with a certain size, the impurities are blocked, and the pure fluid flows through the filter.
Liquid Filter Cartridge purifies the contaminated liquid to reach a certain degree of cleanliness so as to meet the required state of production and life.
Air Filter Cartridge purifies the contaminated air to reach a certain degree of cleanliness so as to meet the required state of production and life.
Several Commonly Used Filter Cartridge in Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd

PP Melt Spinning Cartridge

Melt-blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

The melt blown filter is made of polypropylene melt-entangled ultrafine fibers, the fibers randomly formed in the space with three-dimensional micro-pore structure, the dimension of the pore along the filtrate flow gradient distribution, with the surface, deep, fine filter in one, can retain impurities with different particle size. Filter accuracy range between 0.5-100um, the flux is more than 1.5 times to the peak filter, it can be configured with different types of end caps to meet the needs of a variety of engineering installation.

The precision of textile fiber yarn having good filtration properties is wound on the refined porous framework. The yarn materials are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, absorbent cotton fiber. By controlling the winding tension of the yarn and dilute density, it can be made to different cartridges with different precision when winding the filter cartridge. It can effectively remove suspended solids, particulate impurities of various liquids, etc and have a high purification effect of a variety of liquids.

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Active Carbon Block Filter Cartridges (ACB)

Activated carbon filter products have two categories: compressed activated carbon filter cartridge; bulk activated carbon filter cartridge.
1. Compressed activated carbon filter cartridge: using activated carbon adsorption high value and coconut shell activated carbon as filter material, mold by sintering compression with food-grade adhesive. Compression activated carbon filter cartridge was wrapped with a layer of the non-woven filter inside and outside, to ensure that the carbon core itself will not fall off the carbon powder, carbon core ends with a soft nitrile rubber gasket, make the cartridge has a good seal after the carbon core was installed into the cartridge.
2. Bulk activated carbon filter cartridge: make the required activated carbon particles into a special plastic shell, The end caps are soldered on both ends of the shell by the welding equipment, and the two ends of the shell are respectively put into the non-woven filter for filtering, so as to ensure that the carbon core will not fall off the carbon powder and the black water when in use.

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