Packing Procedures of SPE Cartridge

Packing Procedures of SPE Cartridge

  1. Installing the under frits of the SPE Cartridge
  • Installing the under frits into top of the empty tube with tweezers, use a push rod push it into bottom of the tube;
  1. Sorbent Packing into the Empty SPE Cartridge
  • The cartridge body must be vertical, put the long neck funnel in the cartridge;
  • Add the sorbent which should be used into the funnel and then lifting it funnel carefully;
  • Meanwhile, tapping the cartridge body slightly to make sure the sorbent evenly packed;
  • Please note if the funnel is enough long to touch the under frits it will be better;
  • Take care of the sorbent adhere at the wall of the inner tube when lifting the funnel.
  1. Install the Upper Frits of SPE
  • Keep the cartridge vertical and move the frits on top of the cartridge by a tweezer;
  • Pushing the frits on the surface of the sorbent by a push rod;
  • Keep the cartridge vertical and tap the tube slightly when the upper frits in close to the packed sorbent. Keep pushing the frits slightly;
  • Finished Packing

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd mainly supplying global users SPE Cartridge of ion-exchange extraction, mixed modenormal phase extraction and reversed phase extraction in the fields of agricultural and food, bio-analytical, environmental and forensic applications.

The empty cartridge in the material of PP or glass available. Frits and SPE Manifolds as well.

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