PP Filter Cartridge And String Wound Filter Cartridge

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd PP Filter Cartridge & String Wound Filter Cartridge

1. PP filter cartridges are also called PP melt blown filter cartridge. The melt blown filter cartridge is made by hot melt entanglement of polypropylene ultrafine fiber. The fiber forms a three-dimensional microporous structure at random in space. The pore size is gradient distribution along the flow direction of the filtrate, which integrates the surface, the deep layer and the fine essence, and can intercept the impurities of different particle sizes. The precision range of the filter cartridge is 0.5 – 100 um, and its flux is more than 1.5 times of the same precision peak room filter cartridge. It can be configured with different types of end cover joints to meet the needs of various engineering installations.

Melt-blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

2. String wound filter cartridge with good filtration properties is precisely wound on the porous skeleton. Its yarn materials include polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, absorbent cotton fiber and so on. By controlling the winding tightness and dilute density of the yarn, the filter core of different precision can be made by controlling the winding tightness and dilute density of the yarn. It can effectively remove the suspension of various liquids, particle impurities and so on, and has high purification effect for various liquids.

String Wound Filter Cartridges

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