PP Melt-Blown Cartridge

PP Melt-Blown Cartridge

PP melt-blown cartridge is made from polypropylene superfine fiber thermal entanglement, do not use any chemical adhesive, fiber in random space self-bonding form three-dimensional microporous structure, integrating surface, deep, coarse filter cloth, because the diameter of the fiber and density in the filter direction to form high filtration precision and the pollutant carrying capacity, pressure difference is small, thin outside the gradient of the deep filter structure of aperture, carrying power, it can effectively remove suspended solids in the flow liquid, particle, rust and other impurities, high filtering effect, long service life.

Product features:
The pore diameter of the filter cartridge is dense and uniform, and the filtration efficiency is high. Because the particles will occur in the PP melt-blown filter channel bridge phenomenon, make less than the channel particles can also be blocked, filtration efficiency above 99, PP melt-blown filter itself spotlessness, water pollution-free, acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion. 100% pure PP material, high corrosion resistance.

When used for people’s livelihood drinking water filter R.O reverse osmosis filtration, used in the schooling process of industrialization of acid and alkali liquid filtration, industrial water, the filter of plating solution, imaging with liquid filter, ink, security filter, filtering of chemical raw materials, organic solvents

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