PP Melt-Blown Filter Cartridge

PP Meltblown Filter Cartridge

1. Adaptable PP filter, wire wound filter mildew-resistant, acid and alkali resistant organic or inorganic solvents (chlorosulfonic acid, concentrated nitric acid and strong oxidant except).

2. The pressure loss is small, the filtration efficiency is stable PP filter fine fiber layer and the outer layer of loose fiber layer composed of the double fiber structure, effectively reducing the pressure loss and maintain a stable filtration efficiency.

3. Filtration efficiency As different from the new textile melt-blown filter fabric filter material, fiber filament diameter smaller, generally 5-25 microns, three-dimensional space of irregular porous network structure, a small aperture, the average pore size <40 microns, Hole rate, the average porosity ≥ 75%, which effectively control the filtration accuracy, and PP filter products produced by our company’s indicators have been tested by the national authorities qualified.

4.Long service life, low cost of filtration PP filter pore diameter is gradient along the diameter direction (both from the inside out gradually smaller, but also from outside to inside gradually smaller, completely according to different media filtering needs) In the filtering process, the large-aperture part can accommodate large particles with enough space to ensure that the filter element does not block quickly and provide good shape rigidity.

Melt-blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

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