Procedure and Norm of Sterile Filters

Procedure and Norm of Sterile Filter

1.Purpose of Procedure and Norm of Sterile Filter
Establish standard operating procedures for sterile filters and aseptic operations.
2.Scope of application
Suitable for the laboratory sterile filters analyst’s aseptic operation.
3.The procedure of Procedure and Norm of Sterile Filter
The appropriate amount of flushing is used for membrane filtration. The integrity of the filter before and after filtration should be guaranteed when used. A small amount of rinsing liquid is filtered to wet the filter before the water-soluble test solution is filtered. For oils, the filter should be fully dried before use. In order to maximize the filtration efficiency of the membrane, care should be taken to keep the test solution and rinse solution covering the entire surface of the membrane. After the test solution is filtered through the membrane if it is necessary to rinse the membrane with the rinsing liquid to avoid microbial damage on the membrane.

The operator washes his hands with soap, turns off the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, enters the sterile filters buffer room, changes the work shoes, and then wipes the hands with 0.1% Xinjieer or 75% ethanol cotton balls. After drying, wear sterile clothes, caps, and masks.

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