C18 Flash Columns

The C18 flash column is packed with ultra-pure, high-quality, high-efficiency octadecyl (C18) bounded silica gel. The octadecyl groups are very hydrophobic and have strong retention for the nonpolar compound.


ISO9001 Approval
Medical PP grade cartridge offers high compatibility, safety, and flexibility with free leakage
Medical PE grade frit prevents media from leaking and allow mobile phase pass through
Standard Luer-Lock end fittings, perfect compatibility with any flash system
Ultra-pure, high-quality, high-efficiency bonded silica with C18 stationary phase
End Fitting keep media from moisture
Tight particle size distribution
Low fines and low mental content
Both imported and domestic packing materials are available
Machine packed ultra pure silica gel with low fine
Easy connection to other instrument systems and manual setups: Biotage, Grace, Armen, Moritex etc


Ultrapure C18 Reverse Phase silica column
Standard Luer inlet and Slip outlet with excellent compatibility with preparation system
Medical PP grade column ensure excellent compatibility
Medical PE frit ensure mobile phase pass through without corrosion
Spin-welded and allow for higher pressure of up to 400 psi.
Maximum operating pressure up to 200psi
Wide range pore size and particle size for different applications


Can be used for non-polar compound separation