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Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd special designed syringe filter with extremely low HPLC extractables in 100000 grade clean room.All filters made from Germany made membrane with medical grade virgin pp housing,make lowest extractable and contamination free for samples.Both sterile and non-sterile with wide filter media for different users require. The size range from 4mm,13mm,25mm,33mm,50mm.Main application related to pharmaceutical, environmental protection, biotechnology research, food&beverage test and agricultural analysis.The excellent flow rate and make good filtration volume. Two series of WINSTAR and FILTSTAR can meet different customer require.
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd is well-known filtration company, we focus on R&D in filtration products like filter cartridge, capsule filter, filter bag and filter housing. The filter cartridge divided into pleated filter cartridge, micro fiber pleated filter cartridge, big/small pleated filter cartridge, metal filter cartridge, and others large amount selling products like melt-blown, string wound, mesh, swimming pool filter cartridge; as to capsule filter, we have the most comprehensive moulds to satisfied customers' needs;the good quality and long history selling experience will give you the best service.
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of filter housings. Creative innovations have been the logic for a highly diversified range of vessels to meet the most demanding as well as standard applications. From single to multibag housings, from stainless steel to engineered plastic vessels. Manufacturing plants in five different locations around the globe allow for adaptations to local specifications in a standard design.
Bag filters tend to have the lowest equipment investment costs, and are generally tolerant of a wide range of process conditions, making them a good choice for a wide range of applications. Careful consideration, when choosing a liquid filtration system, will offer numerous potential benefits. A wise filter selection can minimize process downtime, reduce or eliminate waste disposal costs, limit worker exposure to the process liquid, reduce maintenance time and expense, and improve product quality.
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd capsule filters are a wide range of available with filter surface areas. Our entire capsule filters from lab scale to product development to full-scale production utilize the identical form factor and materials of construction, for streamlined scaling without requalification and revalidation concerns.
Filter membranes are a thin polymer films composed of millions of microscopic pores that is recommended for retaining small particles and microorganisms on the surface of the membrane by acting as a physical barrier. They are used to sterilize liquid reagents, remove particulate contamination and clarify solutions prior to further processing.
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd offers a wide range of qualitative and quantitative cellulose filter papers with different levels of purity, hardness, flow rate, loading capacity, and chemical resistance. Two formats are available: standard filter papers and wet-strengthened filter papers. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd qualitative cellulose filter papers are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials, particularly suited for general laboratory filtration when no gravimetric analyses are required. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Quantitative filter papers are used for quantitative and gravimetric analyses as well as for pressure or vacuum filtration.
SPE is an increasingly useful sample preparation technique.It’s a method of sample preparation that concentrates and purifies analytes from solution by sorption onto a sorbent contained in either a disposable solid phase cartridge or a 96-well plate, followed by elution of the analyte with a solvent and reconstitution into a mobile phase that is appropriate for the instrumental method used for analysis. SPE is divided into the following four categories, normal phase extraction, reversed phase extraction, ion-exchange extraction, and Mixed Mode in the fields of agricultural and food, bio-analytical, environmental and forensic applications.
Flash column chromatography is a quick and easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds. It provide increased resolution and the effective separation of complex peptide mixtures. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd flash column adopts ultra-pure and high quality boned silica with multiple sorbent and wide range size for different applications.
The filter manifold is used for liquid filtration. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd single solvent filters and filter tubes are mostly different applications. Single solvent can be filtered by a single sample, a solvent filter, a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, no wedding integrated filter, equipped with independent valve, it can filter the single sample or multiple samples at the same time, save time, when a large number of test samples. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd solvent filter is made of 316L stainless steel, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high filtration speed, long service life, reasonable structure, easy cleaning and operation. It can be widely used in chemical industry, oilfield biochemical pharmacy, environmental protection, food and beverage and so on, maintaining manifold Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd filter, and also installed in the supply vacuum pump.
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd HPLC Columns have two series: XChromaTM and EChromaTM. Based on uniform size all-porous high-purity spherical silica gel (purity> 99.999%), which provide column with low pressure. Using new surface modification and unique bonding technology to ensure excellent shape peaks, separation efficiency, stability between batch to batch. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd Column is well suited for use in rigorous control cost analysis laboratories. The bonding phases include C18, C8, C1, C4, SiO2, NH2, CN, Phenyl, Phenyl-Ether, Polar RP, SCX, SAX, Diol, C30, Amino Acid, PAH, PFP
Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd auto sample vials, septa and caps are supplied certified as a standard at no extra cost, ensuring that with vials from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd you will achieve consistent, reliable and reproducible results time after time. All of our vials, septa and caps are fully guaranteed to work in your auto sampler.
The pipette is one of liquid handling mini-type Instrument. Often used for the removal of trace and constant liquid samplesin the laboratory , also called micro- sampler. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd have Mechanical Pipette and Electronic Pipette.
The thimbles from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd are widely used in Soxhlet extraction units, providing a safe,convenient and efficient method of solvent extraction for solids and semi-solids. Soxhlet extraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of fats or pesticides in foods and soil materials as well as in many other procedures that involve a solid-liquid extraction. Thecellulose and glass microfiber extraction thimbles from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd have high purity and good quality, and the former are often used in fat test while the later are mostly used in environmental monitoring. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd offers two kindof extraction thimbles: Cellulose extraction thimbles and Glass Fiber extraction thimbles. The all-sided product types can meet most customer requirements.
Bottle-top dispenser is a mini-type Instrument for liquid handling to take a large number of dangerous or toxic solvents with it’s safest and most convenient futures. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s bottle top dispenser is a basic type for a super range of applications, including many acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents.
QuEChERS is a sample preparation method,the products With feature of Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe.QuEChERS products from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd include QuEChERS Kit, QuEChERS Extraction kit, QuEChERS Extraction Salts, QuEChERS Dispersive SPE Kit, QuEChERS Dispersive Absorbent, QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers, the comprehensive type of products can satisfy various customer requirements, at the same time, other type will also supply by us which you can buy according to your requirements.

We have more than thirty lines for the production of micro-porous Membranes, Syringe filters, Sample vials, Septa and caps, along with Filter Paper, Vacuum pumps and manifolds.


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