C8 SCX SPE Cartridges

Function group: C8/Sulfonic acid group
Retention Mechanism: reversed phase/cation-exchange selectivity


Description of C8/SCX SPE Cartridges

C8 SCX is a mixed-mode SPE based on silica of C8 and strong cation-exchange.


Medical PP grade cartridge own high chemical compatibility
Standard carbon content
UHMW-PE made frits avoid contamination
Full range of packing size for choice
Regular sample size and average pore size make even flow rate.
Core chromatographic packing technology guarantee uniform &consistency.


1.Function group: C8/Sulfonic acid group;
2.Retention Mechanism: reversed phase/cation-exchange selectivity;
3.Particle size: 40-75μm; Average pore size: 70 Å

Extracting Basic Drugs in Biological Fluids

Extracting Basic Drugs in Biological Fluids

Technical Data

Specification Maximum Sample Load Volume Minimum Elution Volume
50-100mg 2.5mg-5mg 1mL 100-200μL
100-200mg 5mg-10mg 3mL 200-500μL
200mg-1g 10mg-50mg 6mL 500μL-6mL
500mg-2g 25mg-100mg 12mL 3mL-10mL

Ordering Information

Item   No.  Specification Package (pcs/pk)
SLSPE301C8SCX C8/SCX, 30mg/1mL 100
SLSPE1001C8SCX C8/SCX, 100mg/1mL 100
SLSPE2003C8SCX C8/SCX, 200mg/3mL 50
SLSPE5003C8SCX C8/SCX, 500mg/3mL 50
SLSPE2006C8SCX C8/SCX, 200mg/6mL 30
SLSPE5006C8SCX C8/SCX, 500mg/6mL 30
SLSPE1K6C8SCX C8/SCX, 1g/6mL 30
SLSPE1K12C8SCX C8/SCX, 1g/12mL 20
SLSPE2K12C8SCX C8/SCX, 2g/12mL 20

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