Crimp Top Sample Vials

Top : Crimp Top Vials
Caliber : 11mm
Volume : 2ml
Color : Clear & Amber
Scale : 12 x 32 mm



Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd has 2ml 12x32mm sample vials with 11mm mouth, clear and amber vials with or without graduated writing area are available. Both pre-slit and non-pre-slit caps are in supply. All of Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd vials are excellently fitted for autosamplers, have good chemical compatibility and super cleanliness, OEM service is available.
All Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd vials are manufactured in ISO9001clean environments, must pass a 33-point visual inspection, and are uniquely packaged to stay clean and secure during shipment.


Material: USP1, Borosilicate glass
PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septa offered excellent resistance to coring
Compatible with a wide range of autosampler
Good quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck/thread, cleanliness.
Consistent quality between each batch
Crimp caps provides the strict seal reducing the chance of sample evaporation.


2ml, 12 x 32 mm
Color: clear & amber
Available in unique packaging designed to reduce vial breakage
Tightly controlled crown for improved crimping
Precision-formed neck for improved autosampler handling
Rigorous quality assurance provides dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot
Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks
Certified for full warranted compatibility with autosampler


The main application in the automatic sampling device, storage samples, pharmaceutical factory and etc.

Crimp Top Glass HPLC Sample Vials

Technical Data

Caliber 11mm Scale 12 x 32 mm
Volume 2mL Color Clear & Amber

Ordering Information

Item # Description
Crimp Vials, 2mL 12*32mm
SVC201C 2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth), USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVC211C 2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVC201A 2ml Amber vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVC211A 2ml Amber vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVC201C-2 2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth)
SVC211C-2 2ml Clear vial, 12×32mm, Crimp top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area

We have more than thirty lines for the production of micro-porous Membranes, Syringe filters, Sample vials, Septa and caps, along with Filter Paper, Vacuum pumps and manifolds.

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