Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

We have a professional electronic control digital pipette-epipette factory which can assure you of high quality.



Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd’s electric pipette has a smooth appearance, full of design sense, comfortable and user-friendly large-screen graphic interface. It can quickly achieve accurate pipetting. The single-channel adjustable electric pipette has four models ranging from 0.5μL to 1000μL.


4 types of plugs for choice for each size ( UAS, CN, EURO, UK).
High accuracy and precision
Easy to read and use with Large LCD screen
Full of design sense with ergonomic mechanics.


The comprehensive range of liquid handling protocols with easy programming
2 buttons handle all operation and setting
High accuracy, high-performance stepper motor assures precision and repeatability and eliminates manual pipetting errors
Adjustable speeds for aspiration and dispensing
Li-ion battery and two charging modes enable longer operation time
Self calibration – By link it to a PC and a balance with USB connector, users can calibrate pipettes by themselves.
Autoclavable low part


Electronic pipettes are used for: Laboratory tasks with a high pipetting demand and time-sensitive, such as plating up 96 well or 384 well microplates during various protein assays, besides, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, neuroscience, physiology and chemistry laboratories, an electronic pipette can instantly reduce the amount of time spent pipetting, allowing scientists to spend that time on more meaningful tasks.

Specifications Test Report

Specifications Test Report of Electronic Control Digital Pipettes


Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

Ordering Information

Ordering Information of Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

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