QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers

QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers

For Tube:
2ml Tube, 15ml Tube, 50ml Tube Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd QuEChERS products include QuEChERS Kit, QuEChERS Extraction kit, QuEChERS Extraction Salts, QuEChERS Dispersive SPE Kit, QuEChERS Dispersive Absorbent, QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers, the comprehensive type of products can satisfy various customer requirements.




Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd offers ceramic homogenizers which increase your overall lab productivity and offer more confidence in your application results.
They make analyte extraction easier by:
1. Cutting the required extraction time from 60 seconds to as little as 20 seconds – a time savings of 70% per sample.
2. Offering maintaining high, reproducible extractions in a third of the time.
3. Minimizing variance between technicians.
4. Breaking up salt agglomerates and maintaining a consistent grinding of homogenizing material.
5. Increasing your overall lab productivity and having greater confidence in your results.


100000 class clean room made products keep clearness
Imported sorbent for constant quality
Saving time and cost significantly


Special Satisfactory recoveries for wide range of pesticides in food matrices
Providing excellent grinding capabilities of the samples
Streamlined procedure with few simple steps, lowering potential for errors
Minimal organic solvent usage, safer for analysts and environment-friendly
Time and cost saving shaking time reduced from 60 to 20 seconds
Save money with simplified approach to preparing samples of pesticide-related analysis

Related Methods

1. NY/T 1380-2007 method
Determination of 51 pesticides residues in fruits and vegetable GC-MS
2. European EN 15662 method
Foods of plant origin – determination of pesticide residues using GC-MS and/or LC-MS/MS
following acetonitrile extraction/partitioning and clean-up by dispersive SPE – QuEChERS – method
3. AOAC Official 2007.01 method
Pesticide residues in foods by acetonitrile extraction and partitioning with Magnesium Sulfate


Satisfactory recoveries for a wide variety of pesticides in many food matrices.

QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers With 2ml 15ml 50ml Tube

Ordering Information

Product Qty/Pack Item code
Ceramic Homogenizers for 50 mL tube 100 SLQCN100000050
Ceramic Homogenizers for 15 mL tube 100 SLQCN100000015
Ceramic Homogenizers for 2 mL tube 100 SLQCN100000002

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