Titanium Alloy Filter Cartridges

Titanium Alloy Filter Cartridges

Filtration efficiency: ≥ 90%
Flow rate: 0.5 T/h
Outer Diameter: Φ 60/80 mm
Length(based on DOE end cap): 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
pH: 1-14


Description of Titanium filter cartridge

Titanium filter cartridge is made from high purity Titanium powder (99.6%), and melt in high temperature, it can use repeatedly and suit for liquid with rigid particles.


Made in 100,000 class cleaning room
Inner membrane import from Germany and USA
Low installation cost and low running cost
Resistant to strong acid and alkali
High temperature and high pressure
Resistance is small
Good reproducibility
Small change of filter cartridge
Wide application, biomedicine, food beverage, electron, water purification, etc.
Inside the filter, the impurities are all interception inside the filter core
High pure water flush, no fiber shedding
Multi-layer filter
Large flow and flux
Long service life


High purity titanium powder (99%) sintered under high temperature
Resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments
Washable and reusable, providing an economical choice
Uniform pore sizes, excellent filtration efficiency

Applications of Titanium filter cartridge

Steam filtration
Liquids or gases filtration at high temperature and pressure
Filtration of liquids or gases containing ozone
Pre-filtration and decarbonization in pharmaceutical industry, a small injection, oral, etc.
Highly corrosive liquid and gas purification


Specification of Titanium Alloy Filter Cartridges

Ordering Information

We have more than thirty lines for the production of micro-porous Membranes, Syringe filters, Sample vials, Septa and caps, along with Filter Paper, Vacuum pumps and manifolds.

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