QuEChERS From Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd

QuEChERS from Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd

The QuEChERS method is a two-step process: extraction and then purification.

For the determination of pesticide residues in fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Extraction Procedure: uses MgSO to aid in the extraction, along with NaCl, sodium citrate or anhydrous sodium citrate for “compounds that are sensitive to bases (eg, sterilized dan or baccatin).” Extraction Procedure is that the product is a 50 mL polypropylene centrifuge tube Purification Procedure: The product contains PSA (primary / secondary amine) to remove organic acids and polar pigments from other compounds.Some products use PSA with capped C18 to remove most lipids and Sterols, or with graphitized carbon black, are used to remove sterols and pigments, such as chlorophyll, and are available in a variety of tube formats and bed weights to accommodate large sample sizes.

The advantage of the QuEChERS method include below:
-High recovery as sorbent imported from Germany
-Accurate results to make easier than SPE experiment
-Low solvent and glassware usage, low labor and bench space, lower reagent costs.
-With robust and stable procedure, easy to use
-Pesticides can be measured more than the standard SPE
-Available in a variety of configurations

Starlab Scientific with QuEChERS products under method of EN and AOAC, we offer test report for the products to global users and have sample test support to make better evaluation before bulk use. We special offer D-SPE with EN and AOAC for customer choice. Here is a brief selection guide for EN.QuEChERS-from-Starlab-Scientific Co., Ltd

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