Say No to HPLC Column Blockage

Say No to HPLC Column Blockage

As a result of undesirable phenomena such as high backpressure, HPLC column blocking is a problem bothering us. Do you have any idea that how we can prevent the problem and minimize them?

We must think about the potential causes as followed:

First, your samples.

There may be some particulate contaminants which can build up on the column inlet frit. When we deal with samples such as plasma. Matrix components can be chemically adsorbed onto the stationary phase material also. Using pre-column filters can prevent particulates from reaching the frits, and guard columns we use is to avoid sample contaminant adsorptions.

Either a 0.45um or 0.2um high-quality syringe filter is recommended to use in the first place before you put the sample in the vials.

Second, the mobile Phase.

Remember to vacuum filtering the mobile phase every time before introducing the sample to the solvent reservoir, and make sure the particulates, such as dust and bacteria are totally removed. This is important for mobile phases which contains buffers, as any undissolved buffer may create blockages.

Last, the HPLC instrument itself.

Particulates can be found from the pump, the injector, and other components. Using a pre-column filter is highly recommended to avoid the problems.

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