Selection Method of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Selection Method of Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Pure water only requires pumping or solution must have self-priming and has requirements for flow and output pressure. The working medium is water, non-oily liquid and other solutions, to have the self-priming function. Such as traffic demand larger (about 4-20 liters/min), pressure is not high, it is mainly used for water circulation, water sampling, promotion, etc., requires little noise, long life, high suction, other optional BSP, CSP, etc; Traffic demand is not high (about l 5 litres/minute), but the pressure is bigger, it is mainly used for spray, such as pressurization, wash the car doesn’t need long time work under high pressure or large load, you can choose the ASP, HSP series; For the tea table water pump, spray and so on, the volume is as small as possible, the flow requirement is small (about 0. I ~ 3. 0 liters/min, small noise, optional PHW, WKA, ASP, etc.

SLVPGM050B Standard Diaphragm Vaccum PumpsSLVPGM050B Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps SLVPGM100A-T Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps

Pump gas, see its volume, noise, continuous use and other performance, and unmanned monitoring, may appear long time idle, dry turn occasion. Water and gas are required to be used for a long period of time without damaging the pump. 24 hours of continuous operation, the volume is very small and the noise is low, but the requirements for flow and lift are not high.

Pump air but sometimes liquid water enters the pump cavity, so it is required that the micropump can pump air and pump water. Pump water with a miniature pump, but sometimes the pump has no water to pump and is in a dry turn. Some traditional pumps are afraid of “dry turn” and “dry turn” can even damage the water pump.

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