Solid Phase Extraction Device & SPE Operation

Solid Phase Extraction Device & SPE Operation

1) Vacuum SPE device (SPE Vacuum Manifolds) composition: aquarium, Vacuum gauge, Vacuum pump, Vacuum buffer bottle, collecting pipe rack, small column connection head, big volume sampler, 12 or 24 cross contamination prevention device.
Standard StopCock valve, accurate control flow rate.
The test tube height can be adjusted to meet different volume needs.
Pressure gauge vent valve side design, easy to use.
The design is compact, durable and cost-effective.

C18 SPE Columns

2) automatic solid phase extraction device.
A. Pretreatment of automatic samples in medical/environmental/criminal identification.
B. Automatic solid-phase extraction/multi-component collection.
C. No artificial influence, no emulsification, saving solvent.
D. High recovery rate, high reproducibility and high efficiency for various commodity extraction columns.
E. Automatic recording data for GLP management.
F. Especially suitable for sample processing of HPLC or LC/MS.
G. Higher price

The operation is slightly different for the packing retention mechanism. The solid phase extraction operation generally has four steps:
1. Activate – remove impurities from the column and create a solvent environment.
2. Sample – dissolve the sample with a solvent, transfer it to the column and keep the components in the column.
3. Leaching – maximum removal of distractors.
4. Elution – a small volume of solvent will be washed off and collected.

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