SPE Vacuum Manifolds

SPE Vacuum Manifolds

The SPE vacuum manifolds used together with SPE cartridge for extracting semi-volatile or non-volatile chemical compound, removal of impurities which interfering compartment analysis from the liquid samples, as well as dealing solid samples which can dissolve in the solvent before processing.It makes sample high recovery and effects high efficiency, saving experimental time and labor as well.

Vacuum Filtration set = Vacuum filtration manifolds + vacuum pump

SLVPGM050B, Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

  • Speed of Evacuation:30 L/Min
  • Ultimate pressure Vacuum: ≧095Mpa 50mbar
  • Motor Power (W): 160W

More vacuum pump(12L/min, 20L/min, 30L/min, 60L/min, 120L/min),please contact us freely.



  • SPE Vaccum Manifolds made of High strength and crystal glass base, inner rack with strong corrosion resistance function for universal compatibility
  • Vacuum through the wall thickness uniform property at least0.096 Mpa under high negative pressure & high pressure using deformation for a long time
  • Pressure evenly throughout, perfect air tightness and strong stability
  • Perfect extraction velocity uniformity and easy control
  • Multi-channel while independently control of each, high joint corrosion resistance
  • Tube capcity:12/24 Tube



  • Pesticide residues analysis: water, soil, food, beverage etc
  • Environmental analysis: the trace of copper in water, the chalk interfering substance in pesticides, organics in the air, etc
  • Food analysis: vegetables, fruits, oil, fish, etc
  • Bio-pharmaceutical analysis: serum, blood, plasma, urine, etc
  • Pharmaceutical: Veterinary drug residue analysis


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