Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Cartridge(STS)

Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Cartridge(STS)

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd stainless steel powder sintered cartridges choose different wire diameter and mesh filter of stainless steel wire mesh, in a specific order, through high heat sintering production. Because of the surface filtration mechanism, the surface of the filter element is smooth and uniform, and has excellent reverse wash and regeneration performance.

Technical characteristics:

Filtration precision stability, with double screen protection, sintering technology diffusion, solid solution, its mesh filter layer is stable, not deformation, all stainless steel (SUS316L) structure, can satisfy the temperature range of 200 ℃ ~ 480 ℃, and the filtering requirements under the alkali environment, repeatedly cleaning easy to clean, especially suitable for on-line cleaning filter system.

Precision: 1-300um (high precision filtration can be obtained by superimposing and compounding of fiber sintered felt materials)

Length: L100-1500 – mm

Interface: standard 215, 220, 222, 226, screw thread, flange, flat type, flat type

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