Sterile Gridded MCE Membrane Filter (Food Test Grade)

Sterile Gridded MCE at Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd(Food Test Grade)

In the micro-porous membrane filtration consumables, the mixed cellulose esters membrane (say MCE) is a kind of general purpose filter media which always be used in many applications related to microbiological examination of clean water, wastewater, pharmaceuticals application, food, and beverages and even air monitoring. Our MCE membranes offer high recovery rates and superior flow rates. Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd offers MCE membranes of high purity and competitive price. Quality control tests are performed on each lot and QA Certificates are available.

MCE Grid Membrane Filters 0.45 MCE Membrane Filters

Applications for the MCE Membrane Filter

  • Aqueous filtration;
  • Colony Counting
  • Sterility testing;
  • Gravimetric analysis with ashing technique;
  • Microbiological and particulate analysis;
  • Black one can be used for food and beverage test applications

Available pore sizes: 0.22µm, 0.45µm, 0.80µm etc

Diameter: 47mm and 50mm or customized

Color: White and Black

Sterilization: Sterilization or not

Surface: Gridded with Color Black and Green

Packaging: Individually Packed, and both type of absorbent pad or not.

The validity of Sterilization: 3 years

Advantage of Our MCE Gridded Membrane Filter

Clean room made and fresh sterilization make sure longer shelf life time

The grid lines facilitate can easy for contrasting when colonies counting and the membrane filter are tested to assure freedom from grid line inhibition.

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