Team Activities

Team Activities

Hello, all of the Hawach clients.

The new year is coming. We know all of you are enjoying your holiday now. We will have a ten days holiday also. Our team is going to Indonesia. That is the award for our team. We all work for a year. And we are so happy to cooperate with you. We hope we can expand the market together.

Why do we need to have ten days off?

Because Hawach is the one have energy, enthusiasm, and execution. We hope to help our staff to achieve the dreams. If you have the dream, we are happy to help u and give you a chance. The most important thing is we want to help the lab to promote the development of science and technology. Why we choose lab product? We love our work. Because we think it’s good for society and the world. We want to do the thing are better for the lab. We love our work. And we also take care of our staff. They all finish the goals. This is also the award for them.

BTW, the new year is coming. The kind reminds for all the clients.

Now many of our clients have placed the order for the preparing of new year work. Because we all know, when you come to work, our lunar new year is also coming. That means even you have ordered we can not sure the goods can reach your place in time. Because we will spend the holiday with our families. There is no one to send it to you. The transportation company also not work. So I am afraid that will influence your work.

Therefore, if you want to use it in January or February, you may place the order now. Because we need time to arrange the order for you. We always work for our clients. I need to tell the truth.

Thanks to all of our clients.

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