The Applications and Structure of Syringe Filters

The Applications and Structure of Syringe Filters

The syringe filter is widely used in the laboratory. It does not require membrane change and cleaning filters, eliminating the need for complicated and time-consuming preparations. It is mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clarification of particles, liquid and gas sterilization and filtration. As a fast, convenient and reliable filtration tool, the syringe filter is not only beautiful and light in appearance, high in cleanness, but does not require to change the membrane or clean filters, which eliminate the need for complicated and time-consuming preparations, it is widely used in the laboratory on sample pre-filtration and clarification of sterilization filtration of particles, liquids and gases.

It is a method of filtering HPLC and GC small samples. The syringe filter housing is made of polycarbonate plastic. The upper and lower parts are ultrasonically welded together, which is resistant to high pressure and there is no leakage of the solvent. The PTFE syringe filter contains a hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene membrane and is an effective filtration tool for solvents, chemicals and other non-aqueous solutions. The PTFE membrane and sturdy polypropylene housing are particularly suitable for the filtration of corrosive chemicals.

The filter housing material is made of high quality sanitary grade polypropylene material.

Structure of syringe filter

1. The product structure is designed to be precise, ensuring smooth filtration, reasonable internal space, and low residual volume, which is only half of other products on the market, thus reducing the sample waste.

2. One of the shortcomings of the traditional filter is that it is easy to blast. The syringe filter has been specially designed to withstand burst pressures up to 7 bar.

3. The edge of the filter is threaded for anti-slip effect, and the user-friendly design makes the operator comfortable.

4. Cooperate with the international leading membrane manufacturers, with precise pore size, the Hawach syringe filter provide comprehensive protection for your instruments and columns.

5. Stable filter quality, zero difference between batch and batch, to ensure the consistency of analysis results.

6. She connection is more compact with standard lock Luer interface.

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